The last of the Sakura

To my regular readers, I am sorry that I have not posted in so long.   I promise to post more regularly in the future.

In the meantime, Sakura season has come and is nearly gone.  The late cherries are dropping their petals like snow and it is getting warm and sunny here in the Pacific Northwest.

There have been so many activities the last few months, from Girl’s Day to the Camellia Festival and Sakura Festival demonstrations.  We had a visit to Portland from Soujuan Kimono from Kyoto and got a kimono dressing lesson.   The Friday night Introduction to Chanoyu class had their final chakai at the Portland Japanese Garden, and the advanced students are now studying chabako.  Also students Colorado visited Issoan and we had several sewing classes for our practice kimono. The Saturday Introduction to Chanoyu had their calligraphy class, incense and poetry class, and tea bowl appreciation class.  Only 4 more lessons and they, too will have their final chakai.

With that, I am announcing the Beginning Chado class.  It will begin Friday, June 7 from 7-9 pm, and run for 10 weeks.  In this class students will further their training on the guest role, learn how to purify utensils, make sweets, serve tea from the kitchen with goal of conducting a basic tea ceremony in the ryakubon, or tray style.  You need not have taken the Introduction to Chanoyu class, but it is recommended.  For those interested, please reserve your place by using the Paypal button to the right, or contact Margie 503-645-7058,

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