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Preserving Japanese traditional culture

A couple of weekends ago, Mr. SweetPersimmon and I attended a festival not far from Portland, Oregon put on the the Kominka Collective.  This non-profit organization’s mission is “to save old Japanese folk houses while preserving and passing on traditional carpentry methods.”

The word kominka refers to houses built at least …

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For the long haul

The dictionary defines the long haul as a prolonged and difficult effort or task.  It also brings to mind carrying something for a long distance or time.

I am great at starting things: projects, cleaning, research, study.  When I started my Chado studies, I was hungry for lessons.  I wanted to know everything.  I …

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Sumi and sumi, a Midorikai interlude

We had our first week of school and I am quite tired. We have had some changes to the program with Midorikai being included more inside the Gakuen. For example, we now attend the morning chorei / role call. This is a great time to practice sitting seiza, which of course means that you are …

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Ieyasu words of wisdom

“Life is like walking along a long road shouldering a heavy load; there is no need to hurry.

One who treats difficulties as the normal state of affairs will never be discontented.

Patience is the source of eternal peace; treat anger as an enemy.

Harm will befall one who knows only success and has never …

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White clouds

When choosing the toriawase, the arrangement of utensils for a chakai, or chaji the first thing you should consider is the scroll.  It sets the theme for your event and gives the guests something to think about.  Most scrolls displayed in the tea room are zen phrases written by Zen priests, monks, or …

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