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Things Chado has taught me, part 3

This post previously appeared on this blog as 10 things Midorikai has taught me I have updated and expanded  for the purposes of this list.  The lessons from my experience still ring true today, more than ever. What about you? What are the things Chado has taught you?

Here is the list:

  • Be open to …

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    Is there magic in the world?

    My husband teases me that anything I can’t explain, I just call it magic.  For example, we were talking about radio the other day.  Without a network link like WiFi or Bluetooth (both magic by the way), music, discussion, storytelling all get into these boxes. How does that work?  Magic!

    When the sun sets, if …

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    The awakening

    Here in the Pacific Northwest the primroses are showing a riot of color and daffodils, those happy flowers, are showing a beautiful sunny color.  Everywhere nature is waking up. In my garden ferns are uncurling, and new shoots are breaking ground after the winter and it gives me hope for the world.

    I never understood …

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    Everyday is a good day

    I just celebrated my birthday yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes. When I was younger, I did not think I would live past 40 years old.  Everyday since then has been a bonus and as a result, I not only celebrate my birthday, but the day after my birthday.  In fact, a …

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    For the long haul

    The dictionary defines the long haul as a prolonged and difficult effort or task.  It also brings to mind carrying something for a long distance or time.

    I am great at starting things: projects, cleaning, research, study.  When I started my Chado studies, I was hungry for lessons.  I wanted to know everything.  I …

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