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NEW! The Art of Tea, Through a lifelong study of the Japanese tea ceremony, Oregon’s Margie Yap learned how to brew an intentional life.

NEW! Town and Country, 1000 Years of Tea

Matcha: A Moving Meditation

Japan Living arts, website featuring articles of Japan arts and culture

Not our cup of tea: How we’re already ruining matcha

The Japanese art of recognizing beauty in broken things

What makes a tea bowl a Chawan? 30 minute Youtube video

The Story of A Tea Room Construction 15 minute Youtube video.Shoburo 2015

Mastering the art of partaking in a tea ceremony

A new spirit for tea traditions
Ten members of the 10 craft-producing families for Senke seek exotic inspirations

NHK Begin Japanology – The Fragrances of Japan a video about incense and incense ceremony

For Quiet Contemplation, A Little Brown Jug, Chigusa and the Art of Tea in Japan

An Evening with Tea Master Sen So’oku & Hiroshi Sugimoto: From Sen Rikyu to Marcel Duchamp about an hour long youtube video

Kanazawa City: the architecture of tea

Tea ceremony still a respite from a fast-paced world

Japanese Tea Ritual Turned 15th Century ‘Tupperware’ Into Art

Chawan: Simply, some of the hardest works of pottery to create

Hand-Crafted Kimonos: Japan’s Wearable Masterpieces

Chanoyu – The art of  tea

Tea of Tranquility

There’s no place like home

Waking Up My Life Through Chado

How Much is Enough?

Revolution in a Kettle: The Way of Tea

Focus on the Journey

Re-discovering The Tea Ceremony

The Ritual of Tea Class

Tea and Kimono

The Danger of Cutting Flowers

Twilight for the Kimono article at the Washington Post

Exporting Japan’s Way of Tea

The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Tea for All Nations by Brother Joseph Keenan, Ph.D., FSC

At 80, Long a Teacher of the Philosophy of Tea, Hisashi Yamada

Sen So-oku: A Tea Ceremony for Today

The Epic of Tea, Tea Ceremony as the Mythological Journey of the Hero

Koho Tatsumura: Nishiki Weaving for the 21st Century

Steeped in Tradition

What a Japanese Tea Ceremony Taught Me About Steve Jobs

Master Carpenter Inspects Japanese Tea House

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