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Storied objects

It is exciting to have new students develop a passion for tea.  I have some new students who are so enthusiastic that they have been coming twice a week to keiko.  One of them has a site, Storied Objects, that features artisan handcrafted ware with an aesthetic that appeals to many tea folk.  She is …

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Robiraki 2023

Yesterday, Issoan celebrated the opening of the winter hearth.  The day was cold, rainy and windy.  A great day for a cozy tea gathering.  Guests arrived from across town, from Seattle area, and half a world away via zoom for two seki.  It was especially exciting for three new students, who had never attended a …

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Autumn has arrived

Here in the Pacific NW we are usually blessed with beautiful clear days and pleasant temperatures for Autumn.  The new school year starts, and football season begins.  But for me, moon viewing signals the beginning of the Autumn.  This year the September moon came late in the month, but we had hot weather into the …

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Reunion reflections

I have much to still to process about the 50 year Midorikai reunion. I think overwhelmingly it was being in the company of those who have had the experience of studying tea in Japan. Everyone learns how to get into kimono in less than ideal conditions. Everyone starts as a beginner learning to walk, sit …

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Hatsugama 2023

This year Issoan celebrated Hatsugama in a hybrid as still some people cannot come to the tea room, and some people attended from out of town.

The first seki I laid sumi and served tenshin meal.


Then a break and our zoom guests joined us for sweets and tea.  Thank you all …

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