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Reading the room

Reading the room is something stand up comics are intimately familiar with. The difference between killing it and dying out there are vastly different. Jokes that get the biggest laugh with one audience may fall flat with another. How to handle a heckler and make them a part of your act is an art form …

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The rhythm of temae

There is a regular rhythm in our daily lives. From the time we arise in the morning to when we go to sleep at night there is a certain rhythm to our day. Just as the rhythm of our heartbeat, the rhythm of our breathing regulates the processes of our bodies. The movements of our …

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Breathing is essential to life. The air that fills our lungs fills our bodies with oxygen so we can function at all levels. Breathing is involuntary, that is, you do not have to think about it. The body automatically does it, just as the heart pumps blood through arteries and veins. But, unlike the …

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Last keiko of the year

As a teacher, even though I teach keiko during the week, I don’t get much chance to practice my own temae unless there is an intensive training in town, or I travel 300 miles to study with my own sensei. During the last 7 years with my sensei, I think I only saw …

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5 ways to make your temae go better

  • Before you enter the tea room, take 5 slow deep breaths.
  • Trust your body, don’t try to out think it.
  • Look at mistakes as opportunities to  learn.
  • Don’t forget to breathe during your temae.
  • Remember that making a good bowl of tea is the most important thing.
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