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New Year poetry gathering

Happy New Year from Issoan Tea.  This morning we met for the 5th annual poetry gathering at Issoan.  It is always a popular event as we visit, talk, share incense, potluck food, and sweets and tea over the course of 4 hours as we compose a poem for the year.  This year we had 8 …

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The Four Seasons: A New Year’s Poetry Gathering

Issoan students from Portland and across the world gathered on this New Year’s day for a poetry gathering.  While we composed poems, we shared incense, snacks, sweets, tea  and of course Sake.  It was a relaxed and social time on zoom.

The 25 verse poem we collaborated has become an annual event and everyone who …

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Issoan Annual Poetry Gathering

A new year dawns and the students at Issoan gathered for the 2nd annual poetry gathering.  Because of social distancing, we met over zoom and composed 36 verses in a modified linked verse format. Each verse is a 5 line poem based on the link theme.  The last line of the previous poem becomes the …

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New Year’s Poetry at Issoan

Four poets gathered at Issoan on New Year’s Day 2020.  It was a day filled with poetry, food, tea, sweets and incense.  Each poet in turn composed a stanza of linked verse to complete a poem of 24 links.

The format of the poem  was a list of 24 topics dedicated to the four seasons. …

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An evening with Margaret Chula

An Evening with Margaret Chula, Internationally recognized Haiku and Tanka poet

Please join us Monday July 24th, for an evening with Maggie Chula. She will discuss haiku, tanka, senryu, and haibun and also read from her own work. At the end she will encourage students to write their own poems. She will also have some …

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