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Shoshin, the beginner’s heart

After a long hiatus for Covid, I opened the tearoom last spring.  I did not teach any beginner classes for 2 and a half years while the tearoom was closed.  There were about 20 people on the waiting list and when I opened the new introduction to Chado class, it filled quickly.  Then I …

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Reunion reflections

I have much to still to process about the 50 year Midorikai reunion. I think overwhelmingly it was being in the company of those who have had the experience of studying tea in Japan. Everyone learns how to get into kimono in less than ideal conditions. Everyone starts as a beginner learning to walk, sit …

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Summer intensive tea study at Issoan

We have just concluded the second summer intensive at Issoan. Between the kimono and dogu sale, to kagetsu, to kimono dressing to kaiseki cooking to calligraphy and chashaku carving we did a lot of activities. The highlight of the week concluded with a yobanashi chaji given by two students who have completed the 3-year teacher …

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Things Chado has taught me, part 3

This post previously appeared on this blog as 10 things Midorikai has taught me I have updated and expanded  for the purposes of this list.  The lessons from my experience still ring true today, more than ever. What about you? What are the things Chado has taught you?

Here is the list:

  • Be open to …

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    New classes forming at Issoan

    Two new classes forming for February 19

    Introduction to Chado, 4:00 pm. 10 week Introduction to Chado the way of tea.  For those who want to know more about Japanese Culture,  this 10 week introduction  will examine the arts of Japan through the ritual preparation and drinking of matcha, Japanese ceremonial tea.  More information …

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