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Tiny treasures – Inside Tea

A student did some research on the composition of tea, and wrote a little book for me.

It was beautifully put together, with hand lettered pages and illustrations:

I learned some things about tea, and the names of the compounds that make up this magical beverage:

I also learned specifically how tea compounds affect the …

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Matcha and funayaki

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Travel matcha

For those who cannot go anywhere without matcha

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Precious resources

We are blessed in the Pacific Northwest with abundant, clean and good tasting water. We can drink our fill straight from the tap to quench our thirst without bad smells or off taste.  But recently the city of Portland had an alert that e coli was found in the water system and everyone was advised …

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Matcha Tea Tasting with Aoi Tea Company

Last week I had an opportunity to attend a matcha tea tasting with the Aoi Tea company.

It was educational to see how they taste and grade matcha.   To begin with, we looked at the tencha leaves.  The tea plants for matcha are grown under shade, and the tender leaves are harvested, immediately steamed …

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