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Guest speaker, TeaLife Audio: Teaching Tea

This summer I had the good fortune to be invited as a guest speaker on the podcast TeaLife Audio.  Many of you already may know of this podcast hosted by Marius Frøisland, Adam Sōmu Wojciński, and Anthony Crasso. It has been around for a number of years, and is about an hour long informal discussion …

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Japanese Ceramics quiz

I hope everyone is getting along with social distancing.  While we are at home, I have devised a short quiz for students.  * I have decided to offer prizes for the quiz.  This is an open book quiz and I have put together a resource to help you identify Japanese ceramics:

Intro to Japanese ceramics

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Issoan Website Updated

In the past year or so I have neglected to update parts of the website, but today, I went back and updated all the broken links in the “Links” section, confirmed all the links in the “articles” section, and added several new recommended books (with links as to where to obtain them) in the “For …

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From the archives

I was reading through the blog and checking the stats.  There are a few posts that I think deserve more visibility, so here are a few from the archives:

Six years ago:

The nature of things There are no shortcuts Order from chaos Straight shooting On receiving teaching Observing vs. doing

Five years ago: In …

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Blogging Chanoyu

When I started blogging about Chanoyu six years ago, I didn’t know anyone else was writing about the way of tea.   But I have discovered or been referred to a number of blogs that has enriched my own study of Chado.

There are a few recent ones that I’d like to call your attention to:

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