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From the archives

It is hard to believe that I have been writing about chado for ten years.  As I was looking through the blog archives in preparation for writing another post, I thought it might be good to highlight some of these previous posts.  Are any of these favorites?  Would you like me to cover other topics?  …

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Time stands still

I have been reviewing the early entries of this blog, some were written more than eight years ago. I am surprised at how they have held up and the entries are as relevant today as they were when they were written years ago.

I  have also been looking at the blog statistics.  Some of these …

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From the archives

I was reading through the blog and checking the stats.  There are a few posts that I think deserve more visibility, so here are a few from the archives:

Six years ago:

The nature of things There are no shortcuts Order from chaos Straight shooting On receiving teaching Observing vs. doing

Five years ago: In …

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From the archives

I have been going back through the archives and I hope you will want to review some of the articles there too.

I can’t believe either that it has been 6 years of blogging.

1 year ago Tis the Season 

2 years ago Month of Teachers Running

3 years ago The season for Udon

Trust …

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From the archives

Last month was a very busy month with demonstrations, new classes, workshops and other things going.on.  You will hear about them in later posts but for now, here is my inspiration for a tea sweet I made.  It is a tsubaki (camellia) from my yard.  Picture of the tea sweet appears at the end of …

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