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Shaon chakai and graduation – Midorikai interlude

The final week of classes was spent relishing our remaining time together. Our last jitsugi was spent doing shaza, a teaching exercise that combines flower arranging, laying of the charcoal, incense appreciation, making koicha (thick tea) and making usucha (thin tea). It’s a really fun one, as everyone has a task that they are responsible …

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Chaji results – a Midorikai interlude

The day of the chaji arrived. The four sempai and Makela-sensei headed to Nashinoki temple, one of Rikyu’s most convenient famous water locations (and the same place where I got water for my chaji). Then we headed to Toin-seki and unpacked our groceries and remaining implements and started our preparations. We each had our tasks …

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Christmas chakai – a midorikai interlude

Fall has come and gone here in Kyoto and winter has come. The weather is getting much chillier and sometimes when the wind blows it almost feels like there is misty rain in the air; it’s so damp.

The last four weeks have been spent day and night preparing for the large Christmas chakai, the …

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Early November update – A midorikai interlude

After a long and drawn out election cycle, America has a new president. I am not going to comment on the results of that election in these emails. I can just offer to the universe that I, myself, can only continue to try to be better at helping others, to be compassionate, to love …

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Late September update — A midorikai interlude

The high heat of summer is tapering off and we are starting to get cooler nights. It’s pleasant to be outside again and ride my bike around Kyoto. If you look up in the sky on a clear night during the middle of September, you could see the rabbit in the moon pounding away on …

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