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Quiz Answers posted

The answers to the Japanese Ceramics Quiz are posted.  You can see the quiz and answers here.

Here is the Intro to Japanese ceramics to help you identify Japanese ceramics.

How many did you get?

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Japanese Ceramics quiz

I hope everyone is getting along with social distancing.  While we are at home, I have devised a short quiz for students.  * I have decided to offer prizes for the quiz.  This is an open book quiz and I have put together a resource to help you identify Japanese ceramics:

Intro to Japanese ceramics

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It is harder than it looks

I have posted some photos of the kintsugi projects that I have recently completed and it has gotten a lot of interest. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repair of ceramic objects with gold lacquer. Like anything Japanese, it looks easy, but really it is harder and takes longer than people expect. Unfortunately, you cannot …

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Mending broken pieces

This year I have been practicing my kintsugi, or mending ceramics with gold and lacquer. I had a lot of broken pieces for practice. I bought a kit here, and it came with written instructions with lots of photos.

For a little over $100 I was able to repair 2 bowls that were literally in …

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Anagama kiln firing

We are fortunate to have a generous and creative community of potters in Portland.  In March, a friend of mine, Richard Brandt, has invited us to see the loading, firing, and unloading of an Anagama wood fire kiln of the class he is teaching at Mt. Hood Community College. It is a marvelous opportunity to …

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