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Talent, Passion, and Practice

People tell me that I have a talent for Chado.  But nobody is born being good at tea.  When people are good at something, we assume that they must have a talent for it. This is not necessarily the case.  We love to attribute success to talent.  When we look at successful or professional athletes, …

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Running down to the end of the year

As we approach the solstice it seems like I am running downhill as things accelerate. Holiday plans, travel plans, baking, cooking, wrapping gifts, decorating; it all seems to go faster with less time every year as I get older.

This year I am certainly getting the feeling of growing older and approaching the time …

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Between lessons

I have recently begun okeiko again with Bonnie Mitchell-sensei via Zoom.  I am so grateful for the time and energy that she invests in every lesson.   It has been more than 18 years since I attended weekly okeiko.  After so many years on the teaching side, being a student again is humbling.  Yet every …

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For the long haul

The dictionary defines the long haul as a prolonged and difficult effort or task.  It also brings to mind carrying something for a long distance or time.

I am great at starting things: projects, cleaning, research, study.  When I started my Chado studies, I was hungry for lessons.  I wanted to know everything.  I …

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Starting again

As the world begins to open up again after Covid, activities that we used to enjoy can be intimidating to start again.  As I contemplate starting tea lessons in person again, I am thinking how can I ease the way for students who may be hesitant to come to class.  I will do my best …

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