Issoan undergoing renovations

After many of years of planning and we have finally begun phase 3 of Issoan renovations.  The first phase was just tatami mats on the floor in the spare bedroom.  Phase 2 we added the shoji window screens, fusuma closet door, cedar moldings, painted the room, and added the outside portal door.

We have been used to study in the 4 1/2 mat room with the okiro on top of the tatami.  This is what it looks like today. 

Phase 3 will be our most ambitious project yet.  We will raise the floor for the sunken ro (upstairs bedroom cannot cut a hole in the floor), and many other surprise things that I am not quite ready to reveal. Today, after 25 years of careful use, the tatami have been removed to be recovered with new green mats.

While the renovations will be going on, we will still be able to continue to study with the portable temae tables built by my husband. While we will not be able to work on the very important aspect of our footwork, students can sit a little longer and concentrate on the form of temae.  For those willing to sit seiza and work on footwork, classes will still be taught at The Jasmine Pearl Tea shop with tatami.  This is what the tea room looks like with temporary table style:

When the renovations have been completed, we will close until the new tea room is installed.  Stay tuned for updates.

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