Things Chado has taught me, part 4


There are so many things I have learned from Chado that it is difficult to articulate them.  This post is the 4th of a series of things that Chado has taught me.  These are not necessarily what everyone learns from Chado, but I find my life is so much richer and meaningful because of these things I have learned.

What about you?  What have you learned from Chado?

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  1. Doing something and putting your heart into doing something are two very different things.
  2. Sensei, senpai, kouhai, and students will all teach you in different ways. Be open to learning from all of them.  
  3. Hai, Sensei. Whoever is teaching at the moment is correct – even if you’ve learned differently in the past. Accept their teaching as it is.  
  4. Tea exists all around the world. It connects people of all kinds and shows us we have more in common than might be seen at first glance.  
  5. Awareness. Be aware of your own physical space and the space, objects, and people around you. 
  6. Be enthusiastic. I love teaching beginners.  To see with the eyes of someone learning things for the first time captures the excitement and eagerness I want to embody in my love of tea. 
  7. Sounds are such an important part of the experience of chanoyu. 
  8. You can feel the presence of other people in the tearoom.  There is no substitute for being together in a small space, acting in harmony with each other. 
  9. When you are fully present, time stands still.  You do not notice how much time has passed, nor does it matter. 
  10. Nature is not separate from us.  It is all around us and it is us.

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