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Hatsugama 2023

This year Issoan celebrated Hatsugama in a hybrid as still some people cannot come to the tea room, and some people attended from out of town.

The first seki I laid sumi and served tenshin meal.


Then a break and our zoom guests joined us for sweets and tea.  Thank you all …

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Hatsugama Issoan Tea Room

Hatsugama at Issoan Tea room started on Saturday January 3 with teachers and experienced tea people.  Sunday January 4, there were  three seki for students.

Upon entering guests were seated in the machiai.  When the hosts were ready the guests were served osayu and invited to use the tsukubai and proceed to the tea room.

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Hatsugama – first kettle 2014

All the preparations for Hatsugama paid off and the celebration for the New Year was a great success.  8 guests in two seki attended.  The display in the tokonoma included kagami mochi and blue ceramic goishi kogo.

The scroll read “Haku un onozuakara kyorai zu”  White clouds come and go of …

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