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Host and guest as one

It was a very busy month for me in January.  I hosted an informal chakai, a hango chaji, helped at a student chakai, and was part of the group hosting the Hatsu chakai for the larger Tankokai group.  I also attended a student chaji, had 3 presentations of Chado and led a listening to incense …

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Chaji – a Midorikai interlude

The weather has become warmer (thank goodness!) and the plum blossoms are waning as we look forward to coming full circle and some of the early blooming cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom. I’ll be doing a lot of bike riding around the city when school is finished on my brown “Waffle” bike to go …

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Suspended animation

I recently was invited to a chaji put on by one of my students.  It was a memorable event as all chaji are, and this one kind of blew my socks off.  While it didn’t adhere strictly to a Japanese chaji, the meal was exquisite with a Northwest twist of local fresh ingredients. The sweets …

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June update #2 – a Midorikai interlude

June 11: Hotaru Chakai

We had the honor of attending the Hotaru Chakai at Shimogamo Shrine. The natural beauty of this Shinto shrine with it’s proximity to the creeks and rivers makes it a great habitat for fireflies. Midorikai was invited to attend since Urasenke was putting it on and some of us went in …

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The art of the thank you note

As a child, my mother sat me down when I received any gift or attended any event to write a thank you note. It was drilled into me that I MUST acknowledge what someone else had done for me by a hand-written thank you note. That training has stood me in good stead. It …

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