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Breathing is essential to life. The air that fills our lungs fills our bodies with oxygen so we can function at all levels. Breathing is involuntary, that is, you do not have to think about it. The body automatically does it, just as the heart pumps blood through arteries and veins. But, unlike the …

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5 ways to make your temae go better

  • Before you enter the tea room, take 5 slow deep breaths.
  • Trust your body, don’t try to out think it.
  • Look at mistakes as opportunities to  learn.
  • Don’t forget to breathe during your temae.
  • Remember that making a good bowl of tea is the most important thing.
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    All in

    All in is used in poker (Mr. Sweetpersimmon is a poker dealer) to bet everything you have.  There is nothing in reserve, you either win it or you are out.  How does this relate to chado?  When people say that they want to be present in the tea room … it has to be all …

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