New! Beginning Chado: Tray Style Class

tray-styleThe Beginning Chado: Tray Style class begins on Wednesday May 7.
In this class, students are introduced to the principles of making tea, including how to fold fukusa, purification of tea utensils and closing procedures.

Students will also learn good mizuya habits, as well as preparation of the tea room, and cleaning up.
There will be more emphasis on the guest role and we will cover topics such as flower arranging for tea, making sweets, kimono dressing  and other cultural studies.

It is helpful to have taken the Introduction to Chado class, but not necessary. Please bring  Fukusabasami (guest kit) and white socks to class.  If you do not have a fukusabasami, one will be provided.

Beginning Chado: Tray style
Wednesdays 7-9 pm for 10 weeks, starting May 7, 2014
Fees:  $250
Issoan Tea Room, 17761 N.W. Marylhurst Ct., Portland, OR 97229
Instructor: Margie Yap

Please reserve your place now,  with a $50 deposit,  in the right hand column.  Balance due at the first class.

If you have questions, please email Margie, or call 503-645-7058

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