Is there magic in the world?

My husband teases me that anything I can’t explain, I just call it magic.  For example, we were talking about radio the other day.  Without a network link like WiFi or Bluetooth (both magic by the way), music, discussion, storytelling all get into these boxes. How does that work?  Magic!

When the sun sets, if you watch it go down, sometimes you can see a green flash.  Why does that happen?  Magic!

How can a commercial jet, bigger and than a house fly? Magic, of course.

See these brown things in my hand.  Put them in the ground and keep it moist. In about two weeks, these green things come out of the ground and grow up to be food.  Magic!

When there is heart to heart communication without speaking or even eye contact, what is going on?  Magic!

How does the human heart love or know compassion? Magic.  Forgiveness?  Magic again.

How is there hope and optimism in a world with such tragedy?  It must be magic.

There may be all kinds of scientific explanations for these things, but really, I myself cannot explain it.  It must be magic.

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