Haigata Workshop

sumi-shitabiA reminder to all students: Haigata workshop is Sunday July 7th at 10 am.  Fee is $25.  Next week in fact. Please let me know by Friday July 5. We will be learning about the different kinds of furo and their formality; about the different kinds of ash, how to prepare the furo: leveling the kama, and the different kinds of haigata(ash forms) How to use the ash spoons to sculpt beautiful forms that still breathe and allow the fire to burn.

Bring what you have: furo, kama, mae gawara, (front tile), gotoku (stand), hai (ash), haisagi (ashspoons).

If we have time, we will go over charcoal, and how to arrange it in the furo to make sure it burns nice and hot, rather than go out.

Haigata workshop:
Sunday, July 7, 10 am – noon
Issoan Tea Room – outside, too.
Fee: $25
Reserve now only 3 spots left

You can register and pay for the class by Paypal at the right

Or contact me (503) 645-7058  to register and pay at the time of the workshop

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