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It is hard to believe that I have been writing about chado for ten years.  As I was looking through the blog archives in preparation for writing another post, I thought it might be good to highlight some of these previous posts.  Are any of these favorites?  Would you like me to cover other topics?  Would you like to guest blog?

Ten years ago:
There are no shortcuts
Order from chaos
On receiving teaching

Nine years ago:
Reduce, recycle, reuse, and repair
Pay attention to what you are doing

Eight years ago:
Knowing contentment
What do you love?

Seven years ago:
Starting over
There is more to life
The power of commitment

Six years ago:
Telling stories
Upon entering the tearoom

Five years ago:
Gomei discussion
The true way of tea
Paring back to the essential

Four years ago
White Clouds
Beginner’s heart
You have just two hands
All in

Three years ago
Letting go
10 things I learned at Midorikai
Kokoro, the heart of tea
Do your best

Two years ago
The taste of tea
The sound of boiling water
Flying geese signal autumn has come

Last year
Lifelong learning
Supporting players
Making a good bowl of koicha
The difficulty of Chado study


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