Activities update at Issoan Tea

For my blog readers, I apologize for not posting.  It seems like I do this periodically  – get out of the habit of blogging and then let it go for a while.  I will do better in the future.

Let’s see, we have been busy this summer.  To begin with we have had a workshop or special event since August.  (Image heavy post follows)  Here are some photos from the chashaku carving and bamboo hanaire making workshop

Then we had a chabana class



And then in September we had a kaiseki cooking class
Also in September we had Nomura-san from Soujuan kimono who came to exhibit his art kimono and sell kimono and accessories. Kageyama-san came too and she gave kimono dressing lessons as well,





Whew, that’s a lot, but we still have more to come….I’ll post them tomorrow.

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