Things Chado has taught me, part 3

This post previously appeared on this blog as 10 things Midorikai has taught me I have updated and expanded  for the purposes of this list.  The lessons from my experience still ring true today, more than ever. What about you? What are the things Chado has taught you?

Here is the list:

  1. Be open to the experience that life presents you.  We may have our expectations of how our life will unfold. But say yes more often than no.  Opportunities may not look like what you have expected or wished for.
  2. Be thankful everyday for the life you have.  Electricity at the turn of a switch, shelter, freedom from hunger, these things are easy to take for granted.  Gratitude, even for your troubles because they help you grow.
  3. Be kind to other people.  It is a mindset and it doesn’t take anything away from you to encourage, listen closely, say something nice or acknowledge someone.  Small things can have big impacts on other people.
  4. Do your best, all the time.  Cynicism doesn’t serve you.  You cannot live life at half-speed. There simply is  not enough time.
  5. Leave something for people who follow you.  If you develop knowledge or expertise, pass it on. It does no good if it dies with you.  Mentor others, take on apprentices, teach.
  6. The people you don’t get along with are your teachers.  At the minimum, it is good training for you to learn how to handle people and situations you don’t like.  At the other end, you might make them your allies.
  7. Excuses are a waste of time.  They let you off the hook so you don’t have to change or do anything different.  It is a way of avoiding accountability and responsibility.
  8. Be generous.  Giving has its own reward.  You will be amazed at how much comes back to you.
  9. Be careful about acquiring things.  Things won’t fulfill you.  The more you own the less space you have.  What you buy and accumulate says a lot about you.
  10. Learn to let go.  We are taught to hold on. Let go of grudges, of mistakes, of behaviors that don’t serve you or of people who are no longer good for you.

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