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Chashaku Workshop

This summer students got to carve a chashaku from bamboo. To make it a little easier, I bent the bamboo before we started, so the students got to do the shaping and final sanding.

There have various instructions on how to do this bending, but the method I used this time was steam.  After thinning …

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Upcoming events at Issoan Tea School

June 8 – Sunday, 10:00 am, Kimono Exchange and Dogu sale Issoan Tea School

June 14-15 Saturday and Sunday, Seattle trip for Bellevue Art Museum chakai and Origami exhibition, and Sunday koshukai (intensive study) with Bonnie-sensei.  If you are interested in this please let me know by June 7, so we can arrange carpooling and …

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Out of the fire

Last night we had a very special workshop with potter Richard Brandt  firing black raku style teabowls. Richard is a long time Portland ceramic artist who also has studied chado.  He understands the form and functionality of the teabowl because he has used them in the tea ceremony.  His generous …

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Inayoshi Osamu, Japanese Potter coming to Portland

Inayoshi Osamu will be returning to the U.S. at the end of this month and will be presenting a demo workshop at The Oregon College of Art and Craft.I thought you may be interested, and/or would know of others who may be as well.

Download the Inayoshi flyer

Fee structure for Inayoshi Osamu workshop (demo)

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Photos from the sweets workshop

Kanten comes in many types, from powder, to threads, to dried blocks.  The trick is to get the ratio right.  We used a powder that I was not familiar with and the sweets turned out to be so hard they were like hockey pucks and had to be discarded.

Molding the koi for …

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