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Seeing things as they are

With the worldwide pandemic, staying home has been a hardship for many.  Fortunately, I am in a secure financial situation, and staying home this past year and a half has been a pleasure for me.  Seeing the seasons change through the garden has brought me great joy this year.  I have also been teaching myself …

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Book Review: Pearl Among the Clouds

Book review: Pearl Among the Clouds, Daily practices inspired by the Japanese Tea Ceremony,

By Ueda Sōkei, 16th Grandmaster of the Ueda Sōko Tradition of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Translated into English by Adam Sōmu Wojcinński.  123 pages and illustrated.  Purchase here

It seems lately that there are not many books published about the …

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Sitting Alone

There is a scroll hung in the tea room 独坐大雄峰 Dokuza Daiyūhō, Sitting alone on the great sublime peak. Or sometimes translated as Sitting alone on the great hero peak. Doku (alone,) za (sit), dai (great), yū (sublime), hō (peak).

The Zen story is that Hyakujo Zenji was asked by a monk, “What …

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This glamorous and beautiful tea life

I am reminded almost daily, that not everything associated with Chado is glamorous or beautiful. The other day I was sifting damp ash for the ro and making a mess of it. While making damp ash occurs in heat of summer, by the time November comes around, my ash has dried somewhat and clumped together. …

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Friends traveling far

I just completed the week long seminar, Zen and Tea at Green Gulch Zen Center in California. The setting is serene and beautiful.  Walking to Muir Beach is something that just feeds the soul.  Waking the sound of birds and sitting zazen in the morning felt cleansing and empowering.

Thank you to all the sensei, …

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