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School has started again — Back to Midorikai

Hello folks!

Sorry for not writing over the last month. I had a wonderful summer holiday back in the states for about four weeks visiting my husband and other family members. Some highlights from August included seeing a black bear in Big Bend National Park, going for a beautiful swim in one of Austin’s many …

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Early July update – A Midorikai interlude

I can’t believe it’s been just three and a half months since I’ve arrived here in Kyoto! Our days have been so busy that it feels like both an eternity and a flash when I think over everything I’ve experienced! Thank you for continuing to read my posts/emails. I have been enjoying writing them and …

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June update #2 – a Midorikai interlude

June 11: Hotaru Chakai

We had the honor of attending the Hotaru Chakai at Shimogamo Shrine. The natural beauty of this Shinto shrine with it’s proximity to the creeks and rivers makes it a great habitat for fireflies. Midorikai was invited to attend since Urasenke was putting it on and some of us went in …

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Early June update – Midorikai interlude

June 3- Kaiseki cooking class We had a one-star michelin chef named Yamamoto Masanu of Sanyukyo come to teach us kaiseki cooking. We learned how to make rice in the old-style typical rice pot, daishi broth, miso and about five or so other things. This time he cooked and spoke while we watched and frantically …

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End of May — a Midorikai interlude

May 19

We had our first chashaku carving practicum today. The guy who taught it made it look so easy. We got out our blades and began slowly shaving away small pieces of the bamboo strips to make the bent tea scoop that we use when we lift tea from the tea container and put …

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