Autumn has arrived

Here in the Pacific NW we are usually blessed with beautiful clear days and pleasant temperatures for Autumn.  The new school year starts, and football season begins.  But for me, moon viewing signals the beginning of the Autumn.  This year the September moon came late in the month, but we had hot weather into the middle of the month.  Last week, it rained and the temperatures at night became chilly.

Every year, we participate in the Portland Japanese Garden’s O-Tsukimi, Moonviewing event.  The event is held over 3 nights, and usually includes, bento, sake or beer, shakuhachi and tea.  Making tea in Kashintei, the tea house in the garden, by candlelight is always is treat.  This year was no different.

Seifu meigetsu, the pure wind cleanses the bright moon. Susuki and Kibune giku, grasses and Japanese anemone.

The next night, I held my own moonviewing chakai at Issoan.  It was hybrid online and in person so we could accommodate guests from far away.  The theme for this chakai 万里同じ月をている “Ten thousand miles, looking at the same moon.”  So I wish for all of my readers of this blog a wonderful moonviewing, knowing we are looking at the same moon.

掬水月在手 Mizu Wo Kikusureba Tsuki Te ni Ari “Scoop water and the moon is in your hands”


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    • admin on October 2, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    Jaclyn, Thank you for the comment. I hope you enjoy the cooler weather. Happy Autumn.

    • Jacyln on October 2, 2023 at 12:07 pm

    Happy autumn moon!

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