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Letting go

“Some people think that holding on is what makes them strong. Sometimes it is letting go.”

Last year my father passed away and last weekend his longtime companion passed also. I am still at a loss after caring for my father for 10 years, and getting to know his companion in that time.  They were …

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White clouds

When choosing the toriawase, the arrangement of utensils for a chakai, or chaji the first thing you should consider is the scroll.  It sets the theme for your event and gives the guests something to think about.  Most scrolls displayed in the tea room are zen phrases written by Zen priests, monks, or …

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Gomei discussion

I have been having an extended discussion with a commenter about gomei.  See this post and the comment thread.

For the guests, learning the gomei is of particular interest and in our discussion the commenter said,


“It sounds like the choice of a seasonal name is, at least partly, also the gift of …

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New reading material

I just want to call your attention to a few new (at least new to me) publications of interest to fellow Chado students, and they are in English.  You can find these along with other recommended books at the for further reading page

NEW! Sen Genshitsu Talks About the Enjoyment Of Tea by Sen Genshitsu, …

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