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Katazome workshop

Please join us for an introduction to Katazome workshop with textile artist and instructor Tyler Peterson. Fee $35 covers materials. To sign up see Margie or use the paypal button on the right to reserve your spot.  Registration is very limited so sign up early. Katazome is a surface design process used for centuries in …

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Kobukusa Making

Last week we had a workshop on how to make a kobukusa taught by sempai Kate.  The first thing we did is learn how to test fabric to find out the fiber content. Different fabrics react differently to being burned.  Using samples of known content, we tested them by burning and comparing to the handy …

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Chashaku Workshop

This summer students got to carve a chashaku from bamboo. To make it a little easier, I bent the bamboo before we started, so the students got to do the shaping and final sanding. There have various instructions on how to do this bending, but the method I used this time was steam.  After thinning …

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Upcoming events at Issoan Tea School

June 8 – Sunday, 10:00 am, Kimono Exchange and Dogu sale Issoan Tea School June 14-15 Saturday and Sunday, Seattle trip for Bellevue Art Museum chakai and Origami exhibition, and Sunday koshukai (intensive study) with Bonnie-sensei.  If you are interested in this please let me know by June 7, so we can arrange carpooling and …

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Out of the fire

Last night we had a very special workshop with potter Richard Brandt  firing black raku style teabowls. Richard is a long time Portland ceramic artist who also has studied chado.  He understands the form and functionality of the teabowl because he has used them in the tea ceremony.  His generous offer to hold a workshop …

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