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Do your best

I was recently talking with a friend who was working on a project for work.  Her heart was not in it and she was just putting in the minimal effort, which made the project drag out.  Every day she would go to work and there would be the project waiting for her.  I asked her …

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10 things I learned at Midorikai

I look back on my time at Midorikai and I thought about what I had learned there. Some of the lessons I learned there have nothing to do with tea and yet they have everything to with tea and life. I am still striving to put these into practice every single day.

  • Be open to …

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    Sensei Says. . .

    Many of these sayings have appeared in the blog before, and students will recognize many of them from my own teachings. I have gathered them together to best of my recollection.  I hope you can add your own “sensei says” in the comments.

    The term “sensei” has been translated as “teacher.” Quite literally from the …

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    Letting go

    “Some people think that holding on is what makes them strong. Sometimes it is letting go.”

    Last year my father passed away and last weekend his longtime companion passed also. I am still at a loss after caring for my father for 10 years, and getting to know his companion in that time.  They were …

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    Seeing with the mind’s eye

    I went to a play the other night and the person next to me was recording it with their phone. Besides being annoying because the light from the phone was very bright in the darkened theater, the person recording it didn’t really get to enjoy the play.  At the intermission, I asked this person why …

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