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Last keiko of the year

As a teacher, even though I teach keiko during the week, I don’t get much chance to practice my own temae unless there is an intensive training in town, or I travel 300 miles to study with my own sensei. During the last 7 years with my sensei, I think I only saw …

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5 ways to make your temae go better

  • Before you enter the tea room, take 5 slow deep breaths.
  • Trust your body, don’t try to out think it.
  • Look at mistakes as opportunities to  learn.
  • Don’t forget to breathe during your temae.
  • Remember that making a good bowl of tea is the most important thing.
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    Sunken hearth in elevated table


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    Rikyu’s futaoki

    We have been practicing with a variety of dogu this year in the intermediate classes. I have a bronze set of the 7 futaoki supposedly favored by Rikyu. (Rikyu no nanashu no futaoki). A futaoki is a kettle lid rest, and also can be used to rest the hishaku. These are ways to handle …

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    Winter intensive

    The day after Christmas, December 26th we had our first Winter intensive at Issoan Tea School.  For my students it was their first intensive.  We started at 3 pm and ended at 9:30 pm.  In between we sat zazen, practiced warigeiko, reviewed movement in the tearoom,  did five teamae, laid the charcoal shozumi and rebuilt …

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