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My first chakai

I’d like to introduce to you a guest blogger, Stephanie. She is a student and has been studying for more than 2 1/2 years. Earlier this year, she put on her first chakai:

Earlier this year I hosted my first chakai (tea gathering) for a fellow student who was returning to Japan. It was fitting …

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Summer Chakai

The students from Issoan Tea put on their summer chakai last weekend.  I am going to post photos and kaiki.  It was a playful twist to the theme.

Here is a photo of the invitation: “Stretches for light years, Satellites transmitting A mass of pitch black.” by James, published by NASA’s Going to Mars Campaign …

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In memory of


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The joy of tea

Today I had the lucky opportunity of hosting a chakai for people that I had never met.  However these two people had traveled many thousands of miles from North and East of here to be my guests.   They were graduates of the Midorikai program in Kyoto and attended about 5 years before I had gone …

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The seven types of chaji

As my classes are preparing to host a chakai this summer, I thought that I would talk a little about tea gatherings.

Chakai are rather informal tea gatherings.  Sweets and usucha are usually served, and usually no meal is served at a chakai.  I have been to chakai in Japan where there were hundreds of …

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