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Chakai planning 2017

This year, I have several students who have put on a chakai or are planning to put on chakai for guests.  It takes a lot of planning and effort to do this, and yes a lot of courage to do it.  From the beginning to just decide to host a gathering is kind of a …

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My first chakai

I’d like to introduce to you a guest blogger, Stephanie. She is a student and has been studying for more than 2 1/2 years. Earlier this year, she put on her first chakai:

Earlier this year I hosted my first chakai (tea gathering) for a fellow student who was returning to Japan. It was fitting …

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Furo, Ro ash preparation

I’d like to introduce a guest blogger, Randy from Salt Lake City. Randy came to visit me just before New Year’s and we had a fine chakai and shared tea and many stories from our time at Midorikai.  He was inspired to prepare ash for his furo.

I was looking at the blog on the …

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Hatsugama preparations

We are lucky this time of year to be able to participate in Hatsugama, the first kettle of the year.  It is one of the biggest events of the year, and I have been preparing for this since early November.   I have developed over the years a countdown checklist that starts about 2 months out …

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The joy of tea

Today I had the lucky opportunity of hosting a chakai for people that I had never met.  However these two people had traveled many thousands of miles from North and East of here to be my guests.   They were graduates of the Midorikai program in Kyoto and attended about 5 years before I had gone …

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