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Gathering of the tribe

That is what my husband calls tea events, whether it is Hatsugama, an anniversary celebration, a koshukai, a convention or a large chakai, we get together with other chajin and enjoy tea, sweets and company of our kindred who understand “that we are the lucky ones whose hearts were stolen by tea.”

Recently, I …

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Final chakai for new students

We have just completed 10 weeks of study for new students, and I put on a chakai for them in Kashintei at the Portland Japanese Garden. They get to attend a chakai in a real authentic tea house surrounded by the beautiful, award winning Japanese Garden.  They also get to invite friends and family to …

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Chakai planning 2017

This year, I have several students who have put on a chakai or are planning to put on chakai for guests.  It takes a lot of planning and effort to do this, and yes a lot of courage to do it.  From the beginning to just decide to host a gathering is kind of a …

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Christmas chakai – a midorikai interlude

Fall has come and gone here in Kyoto and winter has come. The weather is getting much chillier and sometimes when the wind blows it almost feels like there is misty rain in the air; it’s so damp.

The last four weeks have been spent day and night preparing for the large Christmas chakai, the …

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Presenting the Way of Tea

One of the things I am passionate about in my life is the way of tea. I am known for my enthusiasms, and Chado has kept me captivated for more than 30 years. There are many ways that I share my passion for Chado and one is that I talk about it all the time …

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