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A party for my kanreki, 60 years

Last Wednesday, I had a few of my regular students show up for class. This is not unusual as students can come as many times a month with their tuition. Sometimes they come  to make up for missed class or they want to come twice or three times a week.  About halfway through the class, …

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Ichiwan kara peacefulness

In the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump, let us re-dedicate ourselves to the mission of peacefulness through a bowl of tea, and the principles of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.  These are turbulent times and people are very emotional. I don’t post about politics or my own political views, but someone recently posted …

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Suspended animation

I recently was invited to a chaji put on by one of my students.  It was a memorable event as all chaji are, and this one kind of blew my socks off.  While it didn’t adhere strictly to a Japanese chaji, the meal was exquisite with a Northwest twist of local fresh ingredients. The sweets …

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Ichigo ichie and farewell

My heart is heavy from this past weekend as I learned that a friend of mine passed away. There were three of us who studied together with Minako sensei every Thursday night for many, many years, and now he is gone, and Minako sensei is gone.

It seems like we grew up together and now …

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How long does it take?

“From the age of 6 I had a mania for drawing the shapes of things. When I was 50 I had attained some reputation, but nothing before the age of 70 is worth bothering with. At seventy-three, I began to grasp the structures of birds and beasts, insects and fish, and of the way plants …

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