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Kokoro, the heart of tea

I recently had a return visit from someone who came to visit Issoan last year.   We served her tea and sweets and treated her as we would any other guest.  This time when she came back, she said that she was struck by how open and welcoming the students were.  In her experience, tea people …

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Sunken hearth in elevated table


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The art of the thank you note

As a child, my mother sat me down when I received any gift or attended any event to write a thank you note. It was drilled into me that I MUST acknowledge what someone else had done for me by a hand-written thank you note. That training has stood me in good stead. It …

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Precious resources

We are blessed in the Pacific Northwest with abundant, clean and good tasting water. We can drink our fill straight from the tap to quench our thirst without bad smells or off taste.  But recently the city of Portland had an alert that e coli was found in the water system and everyone was advised …

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My First Big Chakai

I would like to introduce a guest blogger, one of my newer students, David.  He generously agreed to write a post about his experience of our recent 35th Anniversary Chakai in Portland, Oregon.  As I write this, I’m sitting in my sunny tea nook, surrounded by special gifts, each of which is in some way …

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