Passing the light

It is with heavy heart we are still mourning the loss of another member of our tea community in Portland.  June Moriyasu  sensei was a long time leader, teacher and advocate for chanoyu who passed away late last year.  It hardly seems like she is gone, only on an trip and will be back soon.  Her home was a center for teaching and workshops.  Many celebrations and events were held there as well.  I know she is well known outside our community.  She will be very much missed.

As I was looking around at Hatsugama this year, I was noticing that many of our teachers and members are in their 70s, 80s and 90s.  Some of them are no longer teaching so we only see them at events.  It has come home to me that a generation of teachers will be leaving us.  I have for a long time been the youngest teacher and now I realize that the light is being passed on to those of us coming up.

It is a big responsibility to carry on the traditions, to lead the community, and to teach others the way.  There are such wonderful examples to guide me.  I am grateful to have such an active, generous and loving tea community and I hope for many years to come that our teachers and sempai will continue to nurture us.

God speed June-sensei.  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful chakai with Minako-sensei and Taikyo.

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