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The Midorikai OneWorld Chakai
Click the link to May 5th, 22 hour video recording link on Facebook in three parts

Online video classes are available. Contact Margie for more information.

Zoom discussions: Tuesday night series: chabana and flower vases. Saturday afternoon series: Sensei’s choice

We are reading the Tale of Genji.  Contact Margie to join the discussion.

Online linked verse is continuing in the forums. Check under the first drop down menu on the homepage.  You will need to create an account  to participate.

Look for more online Chado activities as I can get them up.

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Regular classes at Issoan Tea Room:

In light of the social distancing from the Corona virus, all in-person classes are on hiatus until further notice.  Thank you for your patience.


Tuesday class,  7:00-9:00 pm Chado Class, Issoan

Thursdsay,  7:00 – 8:30 pm, Introduction to Chado Class, beginning January 16, 2020, The Jasmine Pearl Tea Shop.  Reserve your place with $50 deposit at right.

Saturday class 1:00-3:00 pm, Intermediate studies, (permission required), Issoan
Saturday class 3:00-5:00 pm, Chado class, Issoan

Contact me if you are interested in classes: 503-645-7058.  margie at issoantea dot com

Elevated tatami classes for those who cannot sit seiza

IMG_0208With the building of the elevated tatami table, Issoan Tea school now offers classes in this style to those who cannot sit seiza.  The portable tatami table is designed to be used in both the winter sunken hearth configuration, as well as in the summer furo season.  The table is transportable and can be set up anywhere there is space.

Because of this flexibiltiy, students can study most of the temae of the Urasenke curriculum, and guests can enjoy the experience on stools without the pain of sitting on their knees.

If you have been interested in taking chado lessons, but have hesitated because you cannot sit on your knees in the tea room, please contact Margie Yap, instructor (503)645-7058 to arrange a trial lesson on the new tatami table.


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